Meet the Remedy Witch!

Photo by Ryan McKean

Hi! I’m Carly, also known as, “The Remedy Witch.”

I am a PA licensed massage therapist, certified myofascial release specialist, herbal esthetician, and Usui Reiki master offering rituals for self care in North East Pennsylvania. I feel deeply connected to nature and identify as a “green witch.” I have studied both Western and Eastern approaches to bodywork, skincare, and spiritual healing. After years of training and experience, I opened my own wellness office in 2021 and curated a customized experience for my clients. One year later, I grew my practice into the storefront known as “The Remedy Studio Holistic Wellness,” located in Covington Township. I incorporate vibrational sound therapy, aromatherapy, and crystal healing into my practice to create a sacred space for authentic healing and to deepen the mind/body connection.

I look forward to being a part of your healing journey. Sending you LOVE and LIGHT!

About the Practice

My approach to massage therapy is to treat the body as a whole and to determine the root cause or source of pain. I am here to provide insight, create awareness, and assist you on your therapeutic journey. Each session is customized to not only address your current problem areas, but to also prevent muscle tension and stagnation in the body.

In March of 2022 I trained with John Barnes on an incredible healing modality, myofascial release (MFR). I specialize in MFR in my practice and have incorporated it into many aspects of my treatment menu. This gentle yet incredibly effective technique focuses on the fascia system, a connective tissue encasing every nerve, blood vessel, and organ of the body. Combining energetic and structural work, MFR has shown to be extremely beneficial both physically and emotionally.

My skincare rituals consist of ancient techniques paired with organically made, botanical products that are gentle on the skin. Offering both results and relaxation, my goal is to create a ritual that is customized for you. I utilize the traditional Chinese method known as “gua sha,” a modality that aids in sinus relief, lymphatic drainage, and enhances the complexion from the inside out. Reiki infused jade stones lightly sculpt the facial features and release tension in craniofacial muscles. I focus on the importance of long term skin wellness that will leave you feeling confident through every phase of your skin journey.