Massage Therapy

60 minutes | 90 minutes | 120 minutes

Healing Hands Massage

customizeable swedish massage that can vary from light to deep to melt away muscle tension, relax the nervous system, and increase circulation

  • 75 | 100 | 125

Zen Healing

ayurvedic inspired massage that incorporates hot stones, aromatherapy, and sounds of nature to nurture the mind and balance the doshas

  • 90 | 125 | 160

Myofascial Release

a relaxing, gentle, and effective approach to pain relief utilizing techniques developed by John F. Barnes, PT, focusing on the body as a whole and releasing facial restrictions through authentic healing

  • 90 minutes | 125


a combination of myofascial release, therapeutic massage, and gua sha for lasting relief and soft tissue mobilization

  • 90 minutes | 110

Facial Rituals

Holistic Gua Sha Facial

gentle massage techniques, facial cupping, and jade gua sha stones are used to encourage lymphatic drainage, sinus relief, and natural contouring

  • 60 minutes | 75

Fascia Facial

a deep cleanse followed by myofacial release for the face and neck. balances facial features, creates a natural lift, and softens lines by relieving tension caused by facial restrictions

  • 60 minutes | 85

Brow Henna Tint

enhances and defines eyebrow shape and color using Indian derived henna

  • 20 (add tweeze +10)

Energy Healing

Reiki Healing

hands on energy healing that uses a light touch to clear blockages, incorporating crystal healing, vibrational sound therapy, and sage

  • 60 minutes | 75

Reiki Chakra Cleanse

reiki healing session focusing on the 7 chakras, beginning with an evaluation using a crystal pendulum and vibrational sound healing throughout

  • 20 minutes | 30

Add-on Therapies

CBD Healing Hemp

locally sourced CBD aids in healing when applied topically by reducing inflammation and pain

  • 10

Ayurvedic Oil Scalp Treatment

stimulating massage for hair growth and scalp renewal using ayurvedic oils and a jade acupressure comb to cleanse the third eye and crown chakras

  • 15

High Frequency

a mild electrical current, known as tesla high frequency, is applied to the skin to naturally kill bacteria, heal acne, and rejuvenate the skin

  • 20

Dry Brush Exfoliation

(includes take home brush)

soft bristle brush gently exfoliates the skin and encourages circulaton to increase blood flow, release toxins, and cleanse the lymphatic system

  • 40


silicone cups are used on areas of tightness and restriction to suction the skin, releasing fascia and improving circulation

  • 50

Series and Packages

Facial Series - 4 Sessions - $250 ($320 value)

Alternate between the Gua Sha Facial and the Fascia Facial for optimal results and relaxation. 2 60 minutes Gua Sha facials and 2 60 minute Fascia facials. Recommended monthly for 4 months

Massage Series - 4 Sessions - $250 ($300 value)

Receive 60 minute Healing Hands massage sessions to relax the nervous system, increase circulation, and treat areas of pain and discomfort. Options for once a month for 4 months or once a week for 4 weeks

Myofascial Series - 4 Sessions - $450 ($500 value)

MFR is shown to be extremely effective when done in a series. Includes 4 90 minute treatments to relieve chronic pain, stubborn restrictions, and stagnant energy in the body. Recommended twice a week for 2 weeks or once a week for 4 weeks

Head-to-Toe Healing Package - $125 ($165 value)

For the ultimate self care day! The 60 minute Healing Hands massage is paired with the 60 minute Gua Sha facial, and finished off with the Ayurvedic Scalp Massage add-on. Leave feeling balanced and refreshed from head-to-toe



For first time clients, appropriate consultation forms must be filled out prior to receiving treatment. The session will begin once all forms have been completed and returned.

Scheduled Time

The time for your session has been reserved specifically for you. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to you session to complete intake forms if you are a first time client or it is your first time receiving that service. If you are running late your session time may be shortened, however full payment is expected for the session.


Please give at least 24 hours notice when cancelling or rescheduling an appointment to avoid fees. If an appointment is missed with no notice, a $30 no-show fee must be paid prior to rebooking.